Chidon HaTanach

The Chidon Hatanach National Finals was held this past Sunday in Manhattan, NY. Mazal tov to TDSP’s finalists, Avraham Zalman Landesman, Shlomo Goetz, Moshe Ullman, Eliezer Gonsky, Shalom Samowitz, Adina Putney, Esther Samowitz, Leah Goldstein, and Rivky Wolin!
The boys’ group, along with their chaperone, Rabbi Goetz, spent Shabbos in Baltimore, Maryland before heading to the competition on Sunday morning. While in Baltimore, the boys had the opportunity to tour the famed yeshiva, Ner Israel. On Friday, after enjoying a “yeshiva lunch” with the bochurim, the boys met with the Rosh Hayeshiva, HaRav Aharon Feldman, shlit”a, and several of the yeshiva’s veteran rabbeim, including Rabbi Yissachar Frand, shlit”a. Rav Feldman spoke to the boys and tested them on material that they learned this year.
Meanwhile, Morah Chani Goldstein escorted the girls’ contingent to New York, where they took advantage of the Brooklyn Jewish retail experience and enjoyed a serene Shabbos. TDSP alumna, Bracha Wolin, also joined the girls and finished among the top ten in the contest’s high-school division.
Yasher koach to all of our finalists for all of your hard work and for representing our school honorably. You make us proud!