Dr. Cohen Visits 3G

On Thursday, the third-grade girls were privileged to receive brain-scholar in residence, Dr. Cohen (a.k.a. Zaydie Milwaukee, Elisheva Tabor's grandfather). The third-grade girls are learning about organs in the body and recently studied the brain. Dr. Cohen, an internationally renowned neurophysiologist, works with the brain, daily, and was the perfect guest.

Did you know that the average human brain weighs three lbs, or that the brain is made mostly of fat? The girls learned that and many other interesting facts from our visitor. Dr. Cohen taught them about the importance of protecting our skulls to guard our brains, the messenger center for the rest of the body. Every feeling, smell, taste, and noise that enters the body is processed by the brain.

The girls were given brain erasers and a brain puzzle for the class. Thank you, Dr. Cohen, for coming and transmitting this vital information to our girls. And thank you, Elisheva, for sharing your zaydie with us.