3B Haschalas Mishnayos

This past Thursday marked a very special milestone in the lives of every third grade boy. We had our Haschalas Mishnayos celebration, which honored the start of their studying Mishnah! The occasion was celebrated in true style; replete with singing, a special speech from Rabbi Field, delicious food, and of course, learning the first Mishnah. We began with Tractate Megillah, which addresses all the halachos related to Purim! Every boy received a beautiful new Mishnayos, along with a special Mishnayos bookmark, to enable us to always jump right back into our learning!

Rabbi Wealcatch gave a speech about the importance of studying Torah Sh'Baal Peh, the oral Torah, which is
what the Mishnah is derived from. After an entertaining presentation by Rabbi Field, the boys sang the "Learning
Together, Learning Forever'' a special song composed by Rabbi Wealcatch, about learning in the zoom generation. Here are some of the lyrics:
Learning Together, Learning Forever
(To the tune of The Ahavas Yisroel Song by Abie Rotenberg)

My walls soak in the sound of Torah
As it's sung aloud
Chumash, Navi, Mishnayos
In voices pure and proud
But now I stand here all alone
Your lessons now on zoom
How can a new screen take the place
Of your old trusted classroom

Together, Together,
Learning together like father and son
Forever, Forever
It seems like forever since we've learned as one

Every boy was presented with a brand new Mishnayos, along with a Mishnayos bookmark to enable them to
always jump right back into their learning.  Thank you to Rabbi Loffman and Rabbi Wealcatch for teaching the boys to love Torah and for organizing this beautiful event!  Thank you to Morah Elisheva Wealcatch for setting up the room so beautifully, complete with special Mazel Tov cookies.  Thank you to all of our soloists and duettists for providing additional enhancement to the beautiful rendition.  May Hashem grant us the ability to understand and appreciate His holy Torah, as we take the next step on the path of a Torah life.