5th Grade Haschalas Gemara Presentation

Last week, the 5th grade boys put on a truly amazing performance as they received their first Gemaras.

We had the honor of having Rabbi Shafir Roizman, Rav of Cong. Ohr Hatorah and renowned Gemara educator, with us to present them with their Gemaras. The program opened with the boys singing a few songs, including the emotional story about how young Laibele received his first Gemara.
Rabbi Field then got up to introduce our special guest, followed by Rabbi Roizman impressing upon the young men how the Gemara is their treasure map for life. He then presented each boy their very own Gemara, followed by the opening Mishna being read by one of the students. The program concluded with one final song before the boys went back to the classroom to celebrate this momentous occasion with pekelach and pizza!

Everyone in attendance was really impressed with the boys’ excitement for this next stage in their education and the performance they put on that morning.

May Hashem bless each one of them that they should continue learning throughout their lives with the same excitement and freshness that they have today.