Campus Improvements

When the students returned to campus after Pesach break, they were met with new chairs in the Bais Medrash/ Multi-Purpose room, and a new boy’s bathroom.

The Bais Medrash is fast becoming one of the most used rooms on the TDSP campus. In addition to 2 minyanim there daily (Shacharis and Mincha), it is used for presentations, one-on-one learning, school wide activities, and meetings. 

The new chairs, which replaced donated fabric covered chairs, are high-quality plastic stackable chairs, that are color-coordinated to match with the décor in the room. They look nice and are easy to clean. We hope that gen- erations of TDSP students and teach- ers will use them to daven, learn, and enjoy TDSP! Thank you to Mr. Shane Mehrer of Vallone Design for all his help decorating the Bais Medrash.

Also over the break, the upstairs boys bathroom was renovated. This bathroom had been in dire need of a makeover. The bathroom stalls were old and rusty, and the thin floor tiles seemed to absorb liquids rather than repel them.

Working with RGV Renovations, we installed beautiful new ceramic wood plank tiles, and new powder coated stall dividers. As you can see, the bathroom looks a whole lot better! Thank you to Mr. Bob Vela from RGV Renovations and his crew for doing such a great job on the bathroom. 

Work continues on the new TDSP kitchen. This week, work began on installing the gas line which will feed the appliances in the kitchen. The gas line needs to be trenched all the way from the basketball court and through the fire lane to get to the kitchen. This is one of the last things to be done before all the appliances are installed in the kitchen. We will keep you updated as things progress!