Color War!

The Red Team, Mars, was captained by 8th graders Sarah Weintraub, Avigayil Tabor, Odella Kakzanova, and the captains of the Yellow Team, Stars, were Leah Landesman, Leah Khasanov, and Chana Raizel Muroff.

Students came to school on Tuesday dressed in their team colors. They played belts and Machanayim on the front court, and then prepared skits, cheers, songs, posters, and a cake for judging! Sample lyrics from the cheers include: “Whoo! It’s hot in here...there must be some achdus in the atmosphere!” (Red team) and “Go go Team Yellow/We all rock the show/But there’s one thing we know/ Achdus is the way to go!”

The competition was close, but in the end the Yellow Team was declared the winner of color war. Thank you to the 8th grade girls for preparing the activities, creating the excitement and Achdus, keeping careful track of scores, and making sure the day went smoothly.