Beautiful New Renovations!

When students returned to campus after the summer break, there were some beautiful new renovations waiting for them.  Over the break, we installed built-in bookcases in the Beis Medrash/Multipurpose room. These bookcases were designed by Shane Mehrer of Vallone Design and installed by Closet Factory. They create a gorgeous focal point when you enter the room, establishing it as a bona fide Beis Medrash.  They are also sturdy enough to hold the very large seforim that are placed there.

After consultation with the other Rebbeim, Rabbi Nosson Ungar ordered seforim to seed the library, such as a full set of Mesivta Shas, a Tur Shulchan Aruch, a Frankel Ram-bam, Reizman Mishnayos, a Shaarei Aharon, and a set of Maharal. We hope that generations of Torah Day School students and teachers will learn Torah there for years to come! 

We also installed new blinds in the boys’ building. Previously, the windows were covered with old blinds of varying degrees of quality. Some were torn, others hung at odd angles, some were missing slats, and still others were missing altogether, leaving bare windows. We decided that enough was enough! We needed decent window coverings! Working with Mr. Pat Taylor from Cover Your Glass, we installed roller shades in a translucent beige flecked fabric. Now the windows in the boys’ building look great! 

In our outdoor area, we used the break between camp and school to regrade and re-seed the field. Now the field has berms around the edge which help with irrigation. It took us a while to get the grass growing again. That was why there was a fence around the field until after the holidays. Now the field is green and lush and the perfect place for ball games and other sports activities. Thank you to Garcia Grading for the great job they did on the field, and to all the students for their patience as the grass grew!

Finally- the kitchen! Most of the equipment has been delivered, and most of the inspections have taken place. Unfortunately, due to supply chain problems we are still waiting for some key items, such as worktables with sinks.  However, we anticipate that the kitchen will be up and running shortly.

All of this is part of our commitment to keeping the TDSP campus fresh and well maintained so it stays a great place for our students and staff.  If anyone is interested in sponsoring any of the above initiatives, please contact Rabbi Mitch Goldstein at [email protected] or at 480-848-2716.