1st Grade Girls enjoy Book Tasting Café and Perri the Penguin

Welcome to the grand opening of the Book Tasting Café! Introduced by Mrs. Atara Klagsburn, the First Grade Girls were treated to a fun, enjoyable reading experience. Each group of tables, decorated with red-checkered tablecloths, displayed different types and levels of books to choose from. After sitting at their place setting, the girls explored books on their table and used different methods to decide if they liked a book.

Mrs. K had previously discussed with the class different ways on how to find books they would enjoy reading, what they called “Just Right Books.” For example, the girls “could go on a picture walk, or read a few words,” suggests Mrs. Klagsburn “to see if the book is too easy or just right.”  At each place setting, every First Grader personalized their menus by drawing a picture of their story on the inside of the menu. They also answered questions on how they found the Just Right Books. After all, according to the Book Tasting Café’s motto, “you won’t know if you like it until you try it.”

The first graders have also enjoyed reading to Perri the Penguin’s friends. The girls may take any stuffed animal in the classroom except Perri the Penguin when reading to themselves.  Perri the Penguin, a classroom favorite, is specially saved to be given to one girl to take home for the weekend. The girls look forward to seeing who will be chosen to take Perri home on Friday. The chosen girl also takes home Perri’s journal.

In the journal, the girl describes an adventure she experienced with Perri over the weekend and then brings it in to present to the class on Monday. Even if nothing super exciting happened over the weekend, the girl can make up an exciting adventure she shared with Perri. In this way, the girls can practice many skills and enjoy the learning experience. Mrs. K. says that the students work on their creativity, writing, reading, and presentation skills all in this fun opportunity!  The extra boosts in creativity in teaching reading, writing, and many other skills, help the first graders enjoy the learning. These experiences make strong impressions on the students in acquiring these foundations for life that will carry them throughout the rest of their education and everyday lives.