4th Grade Boys Get Split!

Well – it finally happened! The biggest class in TDSP is no longer!  The 2021/2022 fourth grade boy’s class was the biggest class in TDSP history. Previously, the record had been held by the current 6th grade girls’ class, which had 23 students, Boruch Hashem, but this year’s 4th grade boys’ class had 25. In discussions with the 4th grade teachers, Rabbi Field decided that the boys would get a better educational experience if the class was split.

Luckily, Rabbi Field was able to find a new Rebbe, Rabbi Baruch Zachter, who is the newest staff member at TDSP.  Rabbi Zachter, from Staten Island, was a student at the prestigious Yagdil Torah Yeshiva in Israel (coincidentally, the mashgiach is headed by another Rabbi Shmuel Field who happens to be Rabbi Field’s first cousin!).

Mr. David Roman and crew worked tirelessly over the Thanksgiving break to get a wall put up in the room, and when the boys returned, they found their class divided in two. Now there are two fourth grade boys’ classes- one with Rabbi Lauer and one with Rabbi Zachter - and 6th grade girls retake the record!