Annual Dreidel Contest!

Dozens of TDSP students entered the 2021 Annual Dreidel Design Contest, a school tradition since 2011. The rules are to create a dreidel- that’s it! The students can use any materials they want and fashion the dreidel whichever way they choose, and then TDSP staff vote on which dreidels are the best! 

This year’s entries included an origami dreidel (Joe Weintraub, 5B), lego  dreidels (Avi Rothstein, 2B, Shmuel Mandel, 1B), a multi layered shadow  box dreidel (Aviva Goetz, 4G), a jeweled dreidel pendant (Tzippy Weiss,  1G), a coke can dreidel (Issachar Shakhmurov, 5B), a dreidel key chain (Eliyahu Yankelewitz, 5B), a iced caked dreidel (Meir Zagelbaum, 1st grade), a wooden dreidel (Dovid Meir (4B)and  Jakie Wohlgelernter (2B)) and even- most unusually- a car dreidel made out  of an actual car, as in, the type that you drive. The latter was done by Mimi Goldstein, (7g), who filmed a car with a large dreidel on top, spinning round and round.

In the boy’s school, Kindergartner Ezra Rothstein won first place with his magnificent hidden spinner dreidel ma- chine shown below. Second place went to Pinchas Dov Muroff, (3B) who put together a remote-control dreidel, and third place went to Eli Goldstein, (5B) who designed his dreidel on Minecraft.

In the girl’s school, first place went to Meira Landesman (6G), who created a dreidel made of wax, and second place was shared by Avital Alishayeva (5g), who made a hand painted polka dotted dreidel, studded with different candy for the Hebrew letters, and Rochel Milrad (8G), who wove her dreidel from different colored rubber bands and added a gorgeous sequined base.

The winners all took home Amazon gift cards.  Thank you to all the students who entered. We hope you have lots of fun spinning away!