Kriah Training with Rabbi Blau

This past Sunday TDSP teachers gathered in the TDSP Bais Medrash for a special professional development session with Rabbi Meir Blau, author of the Kriah Neimah program. The session was designed to give teachers tools to help children learn how to read Hebrew, as well as provide strategies for them to help struggling students overcome their hurdles when it comes to reading.

“Rabbi Blau had such a clear and natural way of presenting,” said Rabbi Noach Muroff. Rabbi Muroff said he found Rabbi Blau’s explanation of the Shva rules particularly helpful. The Shva can be a tricky nekudah (vowel sound), as it is sometimes silent and sometimes loud. Rabbi Blau compared it to car driving with passengers. The driver- i.e. the first shva in word- has to always be active/loud. The passengers -i.e. the second shva- don’t need to be involved. They can be quiet!

On Sunday evening Rabbi Blau presented to parents, who had the opportunity to ask him about issues they were having with their child’s Hebrew reading.