Middle School Girls now daven together

Middle school girls had a change in schedule this week. Normally, each Middle School girls’ class would daven in their respective classrooms at 8:15, when school starts. But this week, and going forward, due to different scheduling changes and challenges, the girls are now davening together in the TDSP Bais Medrash at 9:00 AM.

“We thought the girls would gain by davening as a group in the Bais Medrash, which is such a nice room,” said Morah Nechama Ungar. The davening starts with a Dvar Torah or story from Morah Nechama, one girl is chosen to lead the davening as Chazanis, and at the end of davening the girls have an opportunity to say some tehillim from a Tehillim Hamechulak (divided tehillim). 

Before this, Middle School girls hadn’t davened altogether since the early days of the middle school, when the classes were much smaller. When the classes started getting bigger, there was no one room big enough to contain all the girls – until now that we have the Bais Medrash. 

“There is something nice about all davening together in the Bais Medrash,” said Morah Nechama.