TDSP Lady Tigers first game!

Fast forward from two years ago to Wednesday, March 2, 2022. For the first time in these two years, the TDSP Lady Tigers Basketball team prepares to take on their very first game of the season. Each player has learned much in just 5 hours total of after-school basketball practice. After hours and hours of shooting, throwing, defense and offense strategic planning, the girls are ready to face the 2022 season.

In their final practice, TDSP Lady Tigers Basketball Coach Alexandra Rios prepared the girls with different game strategies. The 2-3 defense strategy, an important defensive setup, involves two players standing in a line close to the foul shot line and three players right behind, blocking incoming shots close to the basket. The girls practiced other techniques and finished with a boosting team huddle.

The next day at 3:15, all dressed in their jerseys, the Lady Tigers leave for MHT School where they will play against the girls MHT Tigers basketball team. With apprehension, anxiety, and excitement all warring simultaneously in each player, percentages differing per person, of course, the girls question whether they feel ready for the game or not.

“I think that when you start on the court, you’re not fully ready, but once you get in the game then you’re more ready.” Emunah Leviyev considered. “I am really excited for them to play!” Coach Rios expresses. This is a very big and exciting experience for the team. “Everything you learned…will all come together” assures Mrs. Jenni O’Brien. For many of the girls, this is their first time ever playing against another school.

After getting comfortable with the new court and practicing team techniques, the girls line up to start their first game. With our team winning the tip-off, the fierce competition in the game remains throughout the rest of the game. “It was a great first game! The defense and passing were great,” the coaches recall. Indeed, there were numerous ball steals, tough defenses, and great team plays, especially towards the end of the game.

Every player gave their most to the team. Whether fiercely partaking in the game or cheering on the sidelines, the energy of our team was palpable. Some game highlights include Esther Tsits’s 3-pointer shot, Malka Leah Itahov’s continuous ball steals, and Batsheva Smulowitz’s tough defensive blocks. TDSP’s Tiger Ferocity truly brought the game to life. Their perseverance and determination enabled the TDSP Lady Tigers to play a close game against their competition. The final score was TDSP Tigers 23, MHT Tigers 29.