Law and Enforcement Officer Day

This week was the second annual “Law and Enforcement Officer Day” in 1B, where police officers visit the school.

This year Mrs. O’Brien decided to try to add more classes to the visit. Officer Synder agreed to bring a few extra policemen so that more classes would be able to participate.

“We had six officers, a K-9 dog, a SWAT truck and also a few police cars for the students to tour. We were able to include 1st through 3rd boys, 5th grade girls and all the preschool classes. The officers came to the classrooms and gave presentations about the rules and laws of our community and all about the life of a police officer.” said Mrs. O’Brien.

After the presentation, the older students headed out to the parking lot for a tour of the Swat truck and the police car.  The kids were also able to pet the K-9 dog and speak with an officer about a K-9 dog’s role. At the end, each kid received sticker badges from the officers.

Many of the boys said, “This was the best day of my life!” It was a very special day and the kids learned a lot about police officers.