TDSP Girls Get Ready! GO is Back!

GO stands for Girls Organization, and it’s the equivalent of a student-led school-spirit club. At TDSP the 8th grade girls run the GO, which means they organize fun assemblies throughout the year for all the younger grades. GO is an opportunity for the 8th grade girls to collaborate, express their creativity, and showcase their leadership and organizational skills.

This year, after much discussion and a class vote, the 8th grades decided their theme would be Dr. Seuss, and the posuk they chose to support the theme would be “Mitzvah Gedolah L’hiyos B’Simcha Tamid”- which means “It’s a great mitzvah to always be happy.”

“When you think of Dr. Seuss, you think of rhyming, and his books are funny and happy, like simcha!” said 8th grader Rochel Friedman.

The girls also worked together to write a theme song. They took a bunch of Dr. Seuss books then scoured them to find things they could use in their song. Then they spent a few days tossing out different rhymes and ideas. The girls would go home and continue brainstorming couplets and lyrics, which they shared with their classmates to get their opinion the next day. When it was done a few of the girls recorded the song in Mrs. Ayelet Geiger’s recording studio. You can check it out on the side!

After keeping the theme and the song under strict secrecy, Wednesday was the day of the big reveal. The entire Girls’ school gathered in the multi-purpose room, which was set up with long rows of chairs.

The 8th graders came dancing out, wearing blue and red coordinated shirts. Each girl had their hair in two braids, and they each wore red and white striped socks. They danced to their theme song. The dance was fun and lively- and the girls had choreographed it themselves!

After the dance it was time for a massive, school-wide game of musical chairs. But there was a twist! Anyone who got out had to go to the side of the room and pick a card that either gave them a challenge to complete or a question to answer.  IF you picked a challenge, you might have been tasked with “Pickle on a string”, which meant you had to tie a pickle to a piece of dental floss then attempt to eat it while it dangled away. If you picked a question, you might have to answer something like “Who were the five sons of the Kohein Gadol?”

And who won the musical chairs? Well- everyone was having so much fun that they ran out of time, and so no one, or everyone won! To finish off the afternoon the girls did their dance again. Many girls left the room buzzing about how much fun it all was.

“For a GO assembly, I think it was an 11 out of ten!” said Morah Nechama Ungar.


GO 2023 Theme Song

To the Tune Matana By Nachas

By the 8th Grade Girls

Grab your hats G.O is back 

In  23’ we’re right on track

Oh the places you’ll go 

This year in G.O

Green Eggs and Ham galore

With Dr Seuss we will explore

With a Hop on Pop

We will lead you to the top              


Mitzvah Gedolah

L’hiyos B’simcha

B’simcha Tamid



Oh Thing 1 Thing 23' come and read along with me

We’ll meet fantastic creatures with the fish who’s jumping free

TDSP get ready cuz our journeys just begun 

So buckle up and join us there’s no rules except have fun

Bring it high bring it low with big bumps and thumps and kicks 

Don't hesitate to show us all your zany crazy tricks 

It's gonna be a blast time will fly by so fast

G.O 23’ Simcha is the key 


Put a smile on your face

And brighten up the space 

Look out for a friend 

Chessed has no end

You’ll brighten someone's day

Spreading Simcha all the way

With Fox and Sox

We’re thinking out of the box


Come on TDSP girls we wanna see you smile

G.O 23' we will go the extra mile 

Let’s all spread Chessed together as one

With singing and dancing it will be a ton of fun


Put your hands together and sing it one more time