1B is Krushing Kriah!

Every day without fail, 1B focuses on kriah through a rigorous program. Kriah is a critical part of the day for first grade. Once the boys are able to read smoothly, they will be ready to learn in Lashon Hakodesh.

A while back, they started timing how long it takes the class to read through that day’s quota. After Rabbi Tesser reads that day’s new lines, each boy reads one of the new lines word by word and the rest of the boys repeat after him. This way the boys really get to practice their skills.

Recently, they brought their record down to the four minute zone. Last Wednesday, they broke their record and it took only 3:34! This method keeps the boys super motivated and just last Thurs day, the boys were so energized, that every single boy kept his finger on the place, ready to continue where his friend left off.

These efforts proved to be successful. They beat their record by an entire minute! 2:34!