Morah Rochie Kutoff of The Amazing Classroom Experience Visits TDSP

The Amazing Classroom Experience is currently being used at TDSP in Morah Chaily Lauer’s 1st grade classroom. It is a comprehensive Kriah, Kesiva, and Chumash skills program full of original brightly colored games and activities.

Morah Kutoff, who lives in Cleveland, designed the program after teaching a class full of children with a lot of energy. She felt that traditional teaching methods weren’t helping her reach those children, so she decided to do something different. The result is a program that is fun and creative\and made up of scores of different activities. It is never boring because each activity is unique.

Every month, Morah Kutoff mails Morah Lauer a box of new activities and games, so that whatever is going on in the classroom is always fresh. Morah Kutoff designs everything herself, and she customizes the program so that it meets the needs of the teacher.

The Amazing Classroom Experience eschews frontal teaching and divides the learning between a series of concurrently running centers. The teacher puts the students in groups and assigns each group to a center. Then, after a set amount of time- like 8 minutes- the children clean up their center and rotate to another one.

During the Professional Development Morah Kutoff  gave teachers an adult version of her centers, so they could get a feel of what the students encounter in an Amazing Classroom. On Monday she visited the school and observed teachers in different classrooms.

Next year, IYH, we will be introducing the Amazing Classroom Experience in more elementary and preschool grades.

Thank you to Morah Rochie Kutoff for visiting TDSP!