TDSP Approved for AdvancED Re-Accreditation!

Dear Parents and Friends,

TDSP has once again successfully been recommended for accreditation! I could go into all the gory details of how we were able to accomplish this feat, but this experience was rather unique and uplifting. At the end of the second day, the AdvancED team sat with our administrators and reviewed the results of the visit. Essentially, their job is to provide us with feedback on areas of improvement, and usually the meeting is centered around the ways we can advance our school. This meeting began with similar feedback, but within the first few moments they began to report areas of strength and growth. When sitting before a team of assessors who visit schools on a regular basis, they don’t usually say “I’ve never experienced” or “it’s not common to find”, but this time was clearly different.

Among the positive feedback, the team reported that our student behavior and engagement were unusually high. The students spoke very positively about their experience at TDSP. Each member of the team expressed that they never visited a school where the students consistently stood whenever an adult walked into the room. One of the team members pointed out that the classes practiced this so seamlessly, it didn’t interfere with the learning. The other area of strength which struck me was their feeling that TDSP is true to it’s mission. They felt that our mission statement is directly aligned with their findings. The atmosphere was caring and love, there was a strong sense of academic excellence, and the student’s middos really shone.

First, thank you to all the staff members who put in countless hours, weeks, and months in preparing for the visit. In addition, thank you to the parents who took the time out to meet with the team.

Have a great Shabbos!