Lady Tigers first game!

This past Wednesday, the Lady Tigers soccer team took the field at Phoenix Country Day School (PCDS) for our
first ever girls’ soccer match. The team arrived at PCDS with trepidation, excitement, and fear, but with confidence in the skills they learned over months of practice. Their first time on a regulation-size field, players felt overwhelmed by the vastness of it, but quickly adjusted to its demands.
Avigayil Tabor and Leah Goldstein, co-captains, won the opening coin toss and chose which end of the field to occupy. Sarai Sanchez, our starting goalie, took her place at goal while the rest of the team positioned themselves appropriately on the field and Coach Barbara and Coach Gavi Tabor stood on the side, ready to guide the team.
The girls played hard, dribbling, passing, blocking, running, charging, and pressuring. They learned the value of teamwork, played fair, and walked away smiling.
Thank you, Coach Barbara, for your patience, guidance, and expertise.  And thank you for the generous, yummy gift you gave the girls. These Lady Tigers are fierce, fun, and absolutely grrreat! Lady Tigers, ROAR!!