News & Announcements

School Choice Rally

The Middle School Girls attended a rally for National School at Heritage Academy in Mesa.

Middle School Girls Melava Malka

Last Motzaei Shabbos, middle-school girls and their mothers (and grandmothers) enjoyed an evening together, with good food and entertainment, and a special touch of love and appreciation.

Chanuka Chagiga - Middle School Girls

Middle school girls had a Chanukah chagiga with a delicious buffet of food and the privilege to hear words of inspiration from Rabbi Zimmerman on the topic of the parsha and Zos Chanukah.

SMILE celebration!

On Sunday, Dec. 2, SMILE celebrated the completion of its first session of the year! Click on the title above to see the video!

Lady Tigers first game!

This past Wednesday, the Lady Tigers soccer team took the field at Phoenix Country Day School (PCDS) for our first ever girls’ soccer match. Thank you, Coach Barbara, for your patience, guidance, and expertise!

3B Lab Learners

Third-grade boys are learning Reading and Math with SuccessMaker in our computer lab!
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