Throughout the year, TDSP offers many opportunities for sports and recreation. We view athletics and sports as vital to a child’s physical, physiological, and psychological well- being. Sports foster good social development and self-esteem, and we encourage children of all ages to participate in our sports teams.

The leader of athletics at TDSP is former major league Baseball Player Coach Phil Ortez. Coach Phil has been at TDSP since 2013, and he is loved by staff and students of all ages. He is great at helping children realize their full potential in sports.

TDSP Tigers

TDSP tigers is our championship winning team! Throughout the year, TDSP Tigers participate in sports clinics and league games in baseball, basketball, and football.

TDSP Tigers is part of the Catholic Youth Athletics Association, and during the season league games are played at different schools and at TDSP.

The TDSP Tigers is open to boys in Grades 5-8.

Schedules are posted throughout the year. For the most updated schedule click here.

Please contact Rabbi Gedalia Goldstein, for more details.

Please click here to order a TDSP Tigers jersey.

Junior Tigers

Junior Tigers is for boys in grades 2-4. Junior Tigers participate in sports clinics and play games against each other. Junior Tigers generally play soccer and flag football.

Please contact Rabbi Gedalia Goldstein for details about the Junior Tigers at