TDSP Capital Building Campaign

The Ruchama Jaeger Memorial Kitchen at TDSP 
At the Torah Day School of Phoenix, our goal is to feed the mind, body and soul of our students. Our VAAD-certified kosher kitchen will enable students to enjoy delicious and nutritious school breakfasts and lunches.

A high percentage of students in the school qualify for assistance with the National School lunch program and rely on these meals. Our priority is to provide access to a balanced diet, so that our students can be healthy and focus on their studies. In the Zechus of רוחמה בת הרב נפטלי, please join us to make this a reality.
To become a Corporate sponsor, donate $10,000
To become a Builder, donate $8,000 
To become a Masbia, donate $5,000
To become a Mefarnes, donate $3,000
To become a Merachem, donate $1,000
To support our Capital campaign with a one-time or recurring gift, (any amount is appreciated!), please click here.