6th Grade Girls Bas Mitzvah Program

Zeh hayom kivinu lo, we waited for this all year. The sixth-grade girls have a bas mitzvah program that runs all year and culminated this Tuesday with a mother-daughter dinner and presentation. The girls performed many beautiful songs conveying lessons that we learned and internalized this year, such as what it means to be a bas melech, and how to long for Moshiach and the Beis Hamikdosh.
They spent quality time with our mothers, enjoyed a delicious dinner, and painted beautiful hadlakas neiros canvases. Each girl received a Tehillim with her name engraved on it.
Thank you, TDSP, for this enriching experience. Thank you, Mrs. Goldstein, for recording the backing music for our songs. And thank you, Mrs. Samowitz, for your countless hours of work and dedication that made this event so meaningful.