Student Support Services

TDSP offers a range of student support services to help students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs or 504s), as well as students who have been identified as needing short-term intervention plans, in Jewish Studies, General Studies, or both.

Jewish Studies
We understand that many of our students enter Torah Day School of Phoenix without a solid background in Hebrew reading or Jewish studies, and there are also students for whom Hebrew reading is difficult or confusing. For those students, we offer reading remediation services such as one-on-one tutoring during school hours. The tutoring provides careful and methodical skill building, to help the students gain the necessary skills they need so they can read Hebrew fluently and thrive in a regular TDSP classroom.

General Studies
The Resource Room staff in the General Studies department work with classroom teachers to differentiate instruction and help to facilitate pre-teaching, skill building, modified curriculum, and individualized instruction to help the child succeed in the classroom.

Director of Student Services

In 2021, Torah Day School hired our first Director of Student Services, Mrs. Rachel Tuch, MA.

Mrs. Tuch holds a Bachelor of Science in Developmental Psychology and a Masters degree in School Psychology and has worked in various Jewish Day Schools over the last ten years in Los Angeles, CA as a teacher, parent educator, and administrator.

Mrs. Tuch believes that all children learn differently and therefore it is important to create opportunities for students to learn in groups, individually, or one- on-one. It is critical that we meet the individual needs of students and provide academic support for teachers and families. The goal is to make sure the students at Torah Day School are learning and growing and are excited to come to school each day. 

Mrs. Tuch can be reached at [email protected] or at 602-374-3062 ext. 7048