Leadership Team

                                                                        Meet our Leadership Team  

Rabbi Shmuel Field    

Head of School

rabbi shmuel field

Rabbi Shmuel Field joined the staff of TDSP in 2011, when he was hired to be the inaugural Head of School.

As Head of School, Rabbi Field is responsible for education, operations and admissions.

Rabbi Field came to TDSP after very successful tenures teaching elementary school at Torah Day School of Atlanta and the Phoenix Hebrew Academy. He was also the director of Pirchei Day Camp, Camp Saddeh in Atlanta, and has authored many workbooks for teaching Talmud and Chumash. 

Rabbi Field holds a Bachelor of Arts in Talmudic Law from Yeshiva Ohr Somayach in Monsey, and has Rabbinic Ordination from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg in Jerusalem, Israel. He is a graduate of the Principal’s Training Institute of the Torah Umesorah Consortium of Hebrew Day Schools. 

Rabbi Field is a sought-after speaker and presenter, and has given many parenting classes to groups across the Phoenix community. 

Since joining the staff at Torah Day School of Phoenix, Rabbi Field has impressed everyone with his professionalism and his infectious enthusiasm for learning. He is also a counselor and mentor for many parents, teachers, and students. Under his stewardship, TDSP is a happy and vibrant institution for both students and teachers. 

Rabbi Field is a board member of the Jewish Tuition Organization, and is a faith member of City of Phoenix Non-Denominational Leadership Council.

Rabbi Field is married to Lea Field. They are the parents of three young children, all of whom attend or have graduated from TDSP! 

Rabbi Field can be contacted at SField@TdsOfPhx.org

Morah Nechama Ungar

Mechanenes/Administrator, Girls' School

nechama ungar

Morah Ungar has been at Torah Day School of Phoenix since it was founded in 2010.

Morah Ungar oversees the Jewish studies of the Girls’ School, and is a warm and loving role model and mentor to our students.

Morah Ungar started at TDSP as a Pre-K teacher, before moving in to our elementary school as a Kindergarten teacher. She is a graduate of Lakewood Teachers Seminary and holds a CDA from Paradise Valley Community College. 

Morah Ungar is married to Rabbi Nosson Ungar, beloved 5th Grade Rebbe at TDSP. They have six children, all of whom attend or have graduated from TDSP!

Morah Ungar can be reached at NUngar@TdsOfPhx.org 

Dr. Malka Ungar

Director of Education 

malka ungar

Dr. Malka Ungar joined the staff of Torah Day School of Phoenix as the Director of Education in 2020.

She is also the Junior High School Educational Director at Torah Academy for Girls in Far Rockaway, New York. She is an Adjunct Professor at TTI-Daemon College in their Master’s of Special Education program. She holds a BA in Special Education, a Masters in Literacy from Touro College, and a PhD in Literacy Leadership at St. John’s University. In addition, she is completing a School Management and Leadership Certificate from the Harvard School of Education.  Dr. Ungar has attended numerous trainings at the Columbia Teachers College's Reading and Writing Project. 

Dr. Ungar is married to Meir Ungar, and they have 3 children, 2 of whom attend TDSP!

Dr. Ungar can be reached at mungar@tdsofphx.org

Mrs. Carol Bell (Morah Carol)

Preschool Director - Kindertots Preschool

carol bell

Morah Carol joined our staff in 2014 as Preschool Director.

Morah Carol holds a Bachelor of Science in  Elementary Education with an Early Childhood Endorsement from Northern Illinois University, and an MA in Educational Leadership from Bellevue University.

Prior to coming to TDSP, Morah Carol was a Reading Specialist and Academic Intervention Specialist at the Washington School District, and the Director of the Beth El Preschool. 

As Preschool Director, Morah Carol is responsible for all the education and operations in our Kindertots Preschool, which serves ages 2-5.

Morah Carol can be reached at CBell@TdsOfPhx.org 


Mrs. Gaby Friedman

Manager, Business Office

gaby friedman

Gaby Friedman has been at Torah Day School of Phoenix since 2010, when the school was founded.

As the Manager of the Business Office, Gaby is responsible for tuition, financial aid, and the financial affairs of the school.

Mrs. Friedman holds a BA Hons, from Monash University in Australia. She is a Board Member of the Jewish Tuition Organization.  She is also the founding board member of Torah Day School of Phoenix.

She is married to David Friedman and is the proud parent of 5 children who attend or have graduated from TDSP.

She can be reached at GFriedman@TdsOfPhx.org