Mission Statement


The purpose of Torah Day School of Phoenix is to create a warm, inviting, and loving atmosphere, where Jewish children from all backgrounds receive an excellent Jewish and General Studies education, in single-gender classrooms with an emphasis on Middos (moral character development).

A successful student at Torah Day School of Phoenix:

  • Takes pride in being Jewish
  • Is Jewish-ly literate
  • Reads Hebrew
  • Reads and comprehends, according to his/her age level; Chumash (1st Grade), Navi (3rd Grade), and Mishna and Gemara, (Boys 4th and 5th Grade)
  • Understands and identifies with the laws and practices of Jewish daily living and holidays
  • Is Proficient in the Jewish daily prayers
  • Reads and writes English at or above grade level
  • Performs mathematical equations at or above grade level
  • Is exposed to age appropriate Science and Social Studies
  • Maintains a drive to constantly increase knowledge
A student at Torah Day School of Phoenix will work towards their personal development, and will:

  • Be respectful to his/her peers and teachers
  • Show kindness to his/her friends at all times
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm in school
  • Constantly work toward Gevurah (self-mastery)
  • Function with age appropriate executive skills