Middle School Boys - Limudei Kodesh

Middle School boys at TDSP start the day off with the daily minyan. Boy who come early for minyan get to participate in Cocoa Club, a chance to have a steaming hot cup of cocoa while learning Mishnayos with a Rebbe. Then, it is on to Shacharis. Every day, boys are given the opportunity to lead the davening for their peers and teachers, and to read from the Torah when it is taken out on Mondays and Thursdays.

In Limudei Kodesh, boys continue their intense study of Gemorah. They learn Eilu Metzios, Perek Hamafkid, and Masechta Makos. Over the three years of middle school, TDSP boys “learn how to learn”. The boys learn Tosafos, Rashi, how to translate the Gemorah, and how to understand the logical flow of the Gemorah.

Additionally, boys learn Mishna, Chumash B’Kius (l (learning quickly on a more superficial level to cover ground) AND Chumash beiyun (slower, more in depth study). Many of our boys take part in the National Chidon Hatanach (Bible Quiz), where they are expected to learn dozens of Perakim (Chapters) of Chumash and Navi, and test their knowledge through a series of rigorous Hebrew exams.

Israel Trip

The Culminations of the boy’s middle school is the 8th Grade trip to Israel. Throughout the 8th grade year, the boys raise money through Learn- A-Thons, auctions, and selling different things like Chanukah oil lamps, and Succos Posters. At the end of the year, they use the funds to take an awe-inspiring 10-day trip to Israel. The trip is full of fantastic hikes and adventures, and the boys come back with renewed enthusiasm and love for living life as Torah Jews.