Rav Aharon Lopiansky visits Phoenix

The Rosh HaYeshiva of the Yeshiva of Greater Washington and writer for the Mishpacha, Rav Aharon Lopiansky, arrived in Phoenix last Thursday. The Rav visited the school and spoke with the Rebbeim, Morahs, and students.

Middle school Rebbe, Rabbi Mandel, has been a Talmud of Rav Lopiansky for many years through close connections. Pressing to arrange an invaluable opportunity for Rav Lopiansky to speak in Phoenix, Rabbi Mandel and Rabbi Field organized this special occasion.

Arriving straight to school from the airport, Rav Lopiansky spoke to the Rebbes and Morahs about the tremendous impact of teachers and how their vital roles bring out the potential and Torah held inside of every student, though the results are not immediately apparent. In fact, it is only through the build-up of all the foundational elementary school years that allows for major successes later on in a child’s life. Following the speech, the Rebbeim were invited to a question and answer session with the Rav at Rabbi Mandel’s house. Questions were mainly concerned with Chinuch on a practical level and how to approach situations daily.

The next day, the Rosh HaYeshiva joined the TDSP minyan and special breakfast. Following the breakfast, the middle school boys heard the Rav discuss how the counting in Sefira teaches us the importance of consistency in Torah learning - one should never miss a day of learning. Immediately after, Rav Lopiansky spoke to the middle school girls about the incredible power of words and how everyone has to be especially careful to observe the D’oriesa (from the Torah) mitzvah of “Lo Sonu” which, according to many, refers to Ona’as Devarim (hurtful words).

Later that day, Rav Lopiansky spoke at Shearim and Yeshiva High School. The amazing speeches did not end there. Over Shabbos, the Phoenix community was treated to hearing many important, inspirational messages from the Rosh HaYeshiva. The Rav spoke twice Friday night, both in Ohr HaTorah and at an Oneg hosted at Rabbi Roizman’s home. At the Oneg Shabbos morning, Rav Lopiansky discussed the importance of speech and how man was created with breath which allows us to have the ability to speak. Throughout the day, the Rav spoke- including for the women of the community. Throughout his entire visit, Rav Aharon Lopiansky invested in the foundations of the Phoenix Jewish community. Speaking in schools and in shul, the Rav delivered important messages to people in many different stages of life.

This unique opportunity has been “what places in Monsey have been on a waiting list for many years,” Rabbi Mandel revealed. Thank you Rav Lopiansky for all the hours you invested to inspire the Phoenix community. Thank you to Rabbi Mandel and Rabbi Field for organizing the Lopiansky visit.