Color War!!

Was that a fire alarm last Wednesday? Have no fear, it was color war breakout. The students went to their fire drill places and were greeted by the 8th grade girls, riding in on a pickup truck, color war signs in hand. The girls in kindergarten through 8th grade all rushed to the Beis Medrash to get the details and to hear their teams. The classes were divided into four groups; Chesed, Emes, Shalom and Simcha. The colors reflected the Dr. Seuss book, “One Fish Two Fish,’ using poetic license, red fish, blue fish, purple fish, green fish. Each team had 3-4 eight graders as their team captains.

On Thursday, the girls all came to school, decked out in their team’s colors. The day was filled with different activities and competitions. After an early lunch, the girls had races in the front court. There were all sorts of exotic challenges, like finishing a section of watermelon with your hands tied and feeding applesauce to a friend with your eyes closed.

After the races, the teams met in their designated classrooms to work on the presentations. Each team came up with a posuk that related to their topic and were to go from there with their ideas. The girls decorated bulletin boards, decorated a cake, decorated a sunhat and came up with a team cheer. The eight graders organized their team members, making sure that each person had a role on the team. It was a beautiful display of unity. The girls worked hard, running back and forth to make sure that they had all the supplies to create meaningful and beautiful displays. Team Simcha created a smiley face out of pompoms and team Chesed printed a globe with a picture of kindness depicted on the side.

When the whirlwind was through, the girls met in the Beis Medrash for the judging. Each team presented for the judges and the votes went into count. The winner is… Red Team, Team Chesed! Everyone is a winner at the end of the day, for all the hard work!