At TDSP We Love our Teachers- So We Gave Them a Week of Treats!

Where would TDSP be without its teachers? We don’t want to think about it!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, making it a great time to let all our teachers know how much we value their contribution to our children’s lives and to TDSP.

Teacher Appreciation Week dates back to the 1940s, when Mattie Whyte Woodridge, a teacher in a segregated school in the South, wrote to every governor in America, and to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt stressing the need for a national day to honor teachers. Her quest took another few decades, but in 1980 the US Congress declared March 7th as National Teacher Day, and then in 1985 they designated the first full week in May as Teacher Appreciation Week.

The TDSP PTA marked every day of the week with a different way of showing appreciation to the teachers. Monday, they gave out fresh, yummy, cold coffees. Tuesday, they showed up with big platters of sushi in each teachers’ lounge.

Wednesday, Rabbi Muroff chopped vegetables in the kitchen, and gave them to Rabbi Field, who donned his chef’s hat, stood behind the stove, cracked dozens of eggs, and cooked made-to-order vegetable omelets for the staff.

Thursday the ladies of the PTA, including Mrs. Dani Rovinsky, Baila Semel, Hadassah Mandel, Ilanit Shor, Chaily Lauer, and Morah Nechama Ungar washed lettuce, made dressings, cut up vegetables, and displayed in two nutritious, colorful, and beautiful salad bars for the staff to enjoy at lunch.

Friday each staff member received a Starbucks gift card, because sometimes that is just what you need.

“My gratitude is endless and I have an immense appreciation for not only the teachers but every staff member in the school,” said Dani Rovinsky.  “I think that the more people are appreciated the more they are able to give, and we are the direct beneficiaries of that because our children are the ones who are benefitting. Any appreciation directly benefits our kids, and for me, that is the most priceless thing.”

Thank you to all TDSP staff for everything you do for our children, and thank you to Mrs. Dani Rovinsky and the TDSP PTA for everything you did for Teacher Appreciation Week!