Middos Program Teaches Self-Respect at TDSP

Wednesday was a busy day at Torah Day School. The girls had their first official middos assembly, introducing the focus of the first branch of kavod, kavod atzmi-respecting oneself. Morah Weiss introduced the topic and then Meira Landesman read a poem about respecting ourselves, which was then handed out to each child. They attached these poems to handheld mirrors and then decorated them.

The message that was shared with the girls, was that of empowerment and self-worth. “The world was created just for you,” the girls learned. We learn this from Adam Harishon, being that when he was created, it was just him and no one else. The entire world was there for him. The world was created for each and every one of us. We each have a neshama, a part of Hashem, therefore we deserve to be respected by ourselves. We aren’t just another face at school, “each girl has unique talents, strengths and abilities that Hashem wants in this world.”

Over the next five weeks, the girls will work on different weekly goals to build up their kavod atzmi. Every day they check off their chart when they complete that day’s mission. For the first week, the girls will focus on dressing in a fashion of being a Tzelem Elokim, an image of Hashem. Other weeks, they will be working on their focus during Modeh Ani, their speech, neatness and special qualities as they strive for Kavod Atzmi. As they complete their set of goals, they will receive a pin to add to the pink fanny packs, which they also received at the assembly. By the end of the year, the girls will be kavod champs, with a collection of pins and respectful behavior to prove it!