TDSP Sends Delegates to the Torah Umesorah Convention

Last Thursday and Friday you may have noticed that the TDSP campus was missing some people. That’s because many of our key staff members were in Pennsylvania, for the 67th annual Torah Umesorah convention.

The TDSP delegation included Rabbi Aryeh Cohen, Rabbi Noach Muroff, Rabbi Shmuel Field, Rabbi Dovid Gonsky, Rabbi Yehuda and Morah Ilanit Shor, and Rabbi Nosson and Morah Nechama Ungar. They joined over 1600 rebbeim and morahs from all across the country, who came together to gain inspiration, hone their skills as teachers, and learn best practices from each other.

“It was very intense,” said Rabbi Muroff.  “There are non-stop classes going late into the night and throughout Shabbos. But it is extremely rewarding. The classes and the workshops are fantastic, and you get so much chizuk from being there.”

Rabbi Muroff said he especially liked the classes given by Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg, the principal of Ohr Eliyahu in Los Angeles.

“One of the things he spoke about was how you can have twins that grow up with the same nature- and the same nurture, as they both share a household and parents- but one of them grows to be a talmid chochom, and the other ends turns out to be a thief.

“Studies show that the twin who became successful had one person who took an interest in them and made a big impact on them. 

“We, as educators, can all be that one person for our students, the person who makes a big difference to them. That is a special message that I walked away with- the potential impact that we all can have.”