“Kindness Quilt” Showcases Kindertots’ Ahavas Yisroel

What is a “Kindness Quilt” you may ask?

It is the children’s individual thoughts on what it takes to be kind, all joined together in one big piece. Just like a traditional quilt is made up of many different pieces of fabric, that in being sewn together becomes something that not only provides warmth and comfort but also brings the disparate patches together in a way that is charming, wholesome, and much greater than any piece on its own, the Kindness Quilt combines all the chesed and good thoughts of the children in Kindertots, and unites them in a shared mission of Ahavas Yisroel.

The quilt began a few weeks ago when it was Parshas Chayei Sara. In that Parsha Avraham’s servant Eliezer goes to find a wife for Yitzchak, and what is most important to him is to find a girl who is kind. Eliezer devises a test where he will ask a young maiden for some water, and she will offer to bring water to his camels as well. This Rivka did, and Eliezer knew that she was the right bride for Yitzchak.

During the week of Parshas Chayei Sara, the teachers in Kindertots read the book “Kind Little Rivka” by Dina Rosenfeld to the children. That book tells the story of Rivka giving water to Eliezer and to his camels. Reading the book aloud to the classes provided the teachers with a great starting off point for a discussion with the children on how to be kind, and how we can show kindness to others.

“We were all inspired by how we each individually be like Kind Little Rivka and show kindness to our friends, teachers, and communities,” said Kindertots Director Morah Rachel Tuch.

“We spoke about being helpful to our parents at home, helping to keep our classroom clean, taking turns, and sharing with our friends,” said Morah Malka Milrad of the Happy Helpers class. “We learned about it throughout the week, and they sat there and absorbed every word! They would also ask to read “Kind Little Rivka” over and over again!”

After the discussions, each child was given the chance to say what kindness and Chesed mean to them, and what they felt was put on the small placards with a copy of their handprint. Their sentiments were sweet and lovely.

“Kindness means be nice and saying kind words,” said Torah Tot Naftali Hirsch.

Being kind means sharing with your friends and not fighting with them,” said Torah Tot Dassy Zagelbaum.

“(Kindness is) Throw away our garbage after we eat and put shoes on by myself,” said Happy Helper Esti Rovinsky.

“I can play with someone who does not have any friends,” said Mitzvah Kid Hila Aharonov.

“Being kind means you can smile at others,” said Shining Star Ora Tuch.

“We can read books with a friend. I share with Shlomo Ezra,” said Happy Helper Dovi Gruen.

All of these thoughts were combined together into the Kindness Quilt, which looks inspiring and delightful in the preschool office.

“The children would really apply the lessons (of kindness),” said Morah Malka. “They would keep the classroom clean, If someone wanted something that they wanted, they gave it to them. They were extra kind to their friends.”

We invite everyone to stop by the preschool office and see the Kindness Quilt!