Girls Middos Assembly

Middos Alert! Middos Alert! This message blasted through the classrooms on Monday afternoon. It was time for another middos assembly for the girls, the final stage in this year’s theme “On a Roll” as the girls worked on kavod, showing respect.

The focus of the assembly was apparent from the decorations around the room. There was a gigantic friendship bracelet hanging in the front of the room with the words Kavod Chaveros- honoring one’s peers. The girls all filed in, ready to hear how to apply this aspect of the mitzvah to their school day.

Morah Weiss shared different anecdotes of girls looking out for others in ways that their friend would not be embarrassed. When one puts themselves into the shoes of a friend, they can see differently and understand how to help. This lesson is appropriate for this time of year, during sefiras haomer.

In order to learn aboutg other students in school, the girls played a getting to know you game. Each girl had a list of around 20 questions and had to find another girl in school who fit the description. They need to find an oldest, a twin, someone who lived in Israel, to name a few. The eighth graders helped the kindergarteners, a great display of ahavas Yisrael. It was a lively game, with five girls walking away winners of a bracelet making kit.

After all of that talk about thinking of others, of course the girls made friendship bracelets. Each older class received a bag of string as the girls went to work making bracelets. Every girl was given the name of a classmate to give their bracelet to, fostering friendship. The younger grades had premade bracelets to share. Take a look around school to see all the original designs.

This month the girls will work on looking out for one another, seeing how they can show respect to their classmates.